About Us

MarkNtel Advisors is a premier market/business research, consulting, and analytics center known for its incessant real time support. We work 24*7 to ensure that our clients meet their objectives. A continuous improvement in customer experience is our foremost priority.

We provide market/business research, consulting and advisory services on niche markets in emerging economies within Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle-East & Africa (MEA), Latin America (LATAM) as well as regional language dominated countries of Europe.

We deliver research, consulting and data analytics services across industries including Information & Communication Technology, Consumer Goods & Retail, FinTech, Building & Construction, Automotive, Tire, Chemicals & Materials, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities,  Banking & Financial Services, etc.

We understand the growing need of our clients, and thus focus on emerging industries to provide our services, which can fulfill their need of assessing the current and future industry potential, identification of white spaces & hotspots and venturing into new geographies or business segments.

We specialize in niche industries and emerging geographies to support our clients in formulation of strategies viz. Go to Market (GTM), Product Development, Technology Up-gradation, Customer Analytics, Trend Analysis, Sales Analytics, etc. to enable them in identifying attractive investment opportunities and maximizing return on investment through an early mover advantage.