Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace/Defense Industry serves, as its name represents, two main markets: Aerospace, which largely comprises the production, sale, and service of commercial aircraft. And Defense, which is dependent on the nation’s need for military weapons and systems designed to operate on land, sea, and in the air. Also included in this industry is the production of general aircraft (mostly for business use) and space vehicles, usually satellites, for both military and commercial use.

Most commercial aircraft are sold to the world’s airlines. A few are configured for general aviation use, serving nations, companies, or individuals that need large aircraft for transportation outside of those available to the public. Historically, airlines based in the United States have provided the largest market for commercial aircraft. But in recent years, foreign airlines (many subsidized by local governments) have become the major source of orders.

  • Airport Systems
  • Communication & Surveillance
  • Defense Platforms & Systems
  • Satellite Services
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles